Comprehensive service of incoming and outgoing mail.

We offer our Customers services in many areas, such as mass handling of incoming and outgoing mail, bulk printing and mass mailings, local shipments.

Daily or temporary handling of outgoing mail

Main services:

  • receiving correspondence from contractors,
  • preparing mail sent register in paper and electronic version,
  • weighing, measuring and setting tariffs of correspondence,
  • imposing postal charges (franking, duty charged, postage stamps),
  • delivering mail to the Post Office,
  • sending correspondence at the Post Office.

Additional services:

  • preparing address labels for envelopes without windows (converting and applying addresses, print, placing on envelopes),
  • manual enveloping of consignments,
  • machine composition of correspondence,
  • manual packaging of correspondence (completing),
  • searching sent correspondence in the registry of consignment according to the contractor’s needs,
  • keeping statistics of outgoing letters,
  • settling charges for outgoing correspondence,
  • detailed breakdown of the cost of correspondence handling according to price units of the customer.

Daily or temporary handling of incoming mail

Main services:

  • collection of correspondence from mailboxes,
  • confirming the receipt of correspondence ordered by proxy,
  • sorting of consignments according to the contractor’s wishes,
  • preparation of incoming mail logs in electronic and paper version.

Additional services:

  • delivering correspondence to the customer’s office,
  • searching the register of consignments according to the contractor’s wishes,
  • maintaining statistics of incoming letters,
  • settling charges for registered mail,
  • handling returned registered mail,
  • detailed breakdown of the costs of correspondence handling according to the customer’s cost units.

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